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Slim Season

Womens Slim Season Havaianas - Here is a shoe for the fashion savvy Spanish lady. This shoe puts a new spin on an old, but great, thing. The sandals take the hottest trends from the season, and make them the focal point of these sandals. Havaianas are the most comfortable sandal in the world, so for once being fashionable will feel great. These sandals will be the hottest thing on the Playa del Silencio or on the streets of Palma. While these shoes have a different look from the classic Havaiana, they still use the same 1.5 cm sandal base and blister-free straps that Havaiana is known for. With durability, comfort, and flexibility this sandal is unmatched by any other summer sandal. This is the perfect shoe for the fashionable summer lover.

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